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82-92 Transmission/drive shaft yoke, USES 1-3/16" cap size. This one had the U joint cap held in with plastic that was heated up to boil out. FITS: 69-92 CHEVY AND GMC CARS AND TRUCKS WITH 350 TURBO, 200 METRIC 200R, 700R4 OD, 3, 4, 5 SPEED MANUAL COLOR: N/A CONDITION: USED PART # N/A If you need to cancel an order, make a change on an address or any other important info do NOT send a message !! Please CALL 803-955-3181 ! Because it may be shippe ...  More
$25.99 GM Turbo 350 700R4 NP231 Heavy Duty Racing Slip Yoke (uses 1350 u-joints)
GM Turbo 350 700R4 NP231 Heavy Duty Racing Slip Yoke (uses 1350 u-joints) This listing is for a brand new Turbo 350 transmission slip yoke that uses 1350 style u-joints for extreme/racing applications. These slip yokes will allow you to use a bigger, upgraded drive shaft with stronger u-joints while keeping your Turbo 350 transmission. SPECIFICATIONS Uses outside snap rings U-joint width is 3.622" U-joint cap diameter is 1.188" Center of u-joint ...  More
$69.99 NEW DRIVESHAFT SLIP YOKE,27 SPLINE,1350, 700R, 700R4
You are bidding on a Brand New Southwest Speed Driveshaft Slip Yoke for 27 Spline Transmissions (SWS Part #699-7679). This yoke accepts 1350 series u-joints, which have 1 3/16" outside diameter cups and measure 3 5/8" wide to the outside of the cups. The following transmissions have 27 spline output shafts: Powerglide Saginaw 3 Speed Saginaw 4 Speed Muncie 4 Speed Borg Warner T-4 GM Borg Warner T-5 GM T-350 GM TH-350 GM T-56 700R 700R4 4L60 4L60E ...  More
$32.99 Turbo 350/700R4/TH350 Transmission Slip Yoke 3R U-joints Camaro, S10
Brand New!!!!!This listing is for a brand new turbo 350 transmission slip yoke that accepts the 3R style u-joint with inside snap rings. These are hi quality slip yokes that will endure years of heavy duty use.Specs: 2.625" U-joint width (3r with inside snap rings) 1.125" u-joint cap diameter 5.469" from center of u-joint to end of slip yoke 1.5" slip diameter 26 based on 27 spline (fits 27 spline units) 1.176" spline diameter Transmission applic ...  More
$139.35 TCI 967300 Slip Yoke 700R4/4L60E 27 Spline
TCI 967300 Slip Yoke 700R4/4L60E 27 Spline A: 3.563" B: 1.125" C: 0.875" D: 1.500" (Seal Dia.) G: 6.750" L: 2.563" Payment We accept the following forms of payment. PayPal Visa MasterCard American Express Discover Sales Tax For shipments to Ohio addresses, we are required by State law to collect Sales Tax. Shipping Standard shipping is 1-5 business day delivery on most items. Additional delivery days may apply in some instances, such as hazardous ...  More
$41.99 GM Turbo 350, 700R4 Muncie T5, T10 trans. slip yoke
You are bidding on a brand new GM Turbo 350, 700R4 Muncie T5, T10 transmission slip yoke. 1310 ujoint series 1.172" Spline Diameter 26 based on 27 spline count 1.5" seal surface diameter 5.375" long from center line of ujoint to end of yoke Winning bidder must pay for item within 3 days of clicking "Buy It Now"
$46.95 GM 350 / 700R4 (26 Spl)Transmission Slip Yoke 7.5" C-E 1310 series (369) u-joint
$50.0 Genuine Spicer Slip Yoke 1350 Series 700R, 4L60 T10 And T400 Transmissions
$117.97 Hughes HP8805 Yoke Ductile Iron 1350 GM TH-350 Powerglide 700R4 27-Spline Each
$69.99 NEW DRIVESHAFT SLIP YOKE,27 SPLINE,1330,5 1/2,GM,700R,700R4,4L60,4L60E,200METRIC
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