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$49.0 GM 350 / 700R4 Transmission Slip Yoke Modified to 7.5" 1310 series (369) u-joint
You are bidding on a NEW 26 (yoke) based on 27 Spline(trans output) GM Slip Yoke. This Pouplar GM Transmission Slip Yoke has been Modified to 7.5 long. It uses a 1310 (369) Series U-Joint and is stock on some late model applications. This long slip yoke can also compensate for extreme travel rear suspension setups or driveshaft lengths slightly shorter than useable. This fits the common GM 3 and 4 speed transmissions or any transmission with 27 s ...  More
$38.99 GM Turbo 350, TH 350 / 700R4 HD Transmission Slip Yoke 1350 series (331) U-JOINT
You are bidding on a NEW 26 based on 27 Spline GM Slip Yoke. This Popular GM Transmission Slip Yoke is 5.469 long. It uses a 1350 Series (331) U-Joint and is made to be used in race car applications. This fits the GM Turbo 350 & 700R4 transmissions. If you want to strenghten your Driveshaft this is the Slip Yoke you need. Diagram and specifications in pictures above. This Slip Yoke comes with a 90 day Warranty, provided the Slip Yoke was inst ...  More
$45.0 Corvette Crossfire TPI 700 R4 aluminum driveshaft AT 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 & yoke
Good condition from a 89 Corvette, very clean. Automatic transmission. I am parting 84-89 Corvettes, so please e-mail for any other parts needs and I will put them on an auction for you, and please check out my other auctions, Thanks FREE! Sellers: Add a FREE map to your listings. FREE!
$52.52 New OEM 3R Series Transmission slip yoke fits Turbo 350 and 700R4 check chart
Neapco N3R-3-6081X Transmission Slip Yoke3R series, 1.172-26/27 spline, 1.500 Ground Hub Diameter U-Joint Series 3R Spline Major Diameter 1.172 Spline Count 27.000 Spline Type 26 Based On 27 Spline Universal Joint Retaining Width E 3.563 Universal Joint Bearing Diameter D 1.125 Centerline of Joint to End of Spline J 5.469 Ground Hub Diameter R 1.500 Counterbore Diameter 0.000 Counterbore Depth 0.000 Style SR Slip Yoke Plug part number (included) ...  More
$49.95 GM Turbo 350, TH 350 / 700R4,T5 2-3-6081X SPICER Transmission Slip Yoke
You are bidding on a brand new SPICER GM Turbo 350, 700R4 Muncie T5, T10 transmission slip yoke. BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATIONS, THIS A GENUINE DANA SPICER TRANSMISSION SLIP YOKE AND IT SAYS SPICER ON IT !!!! 1310 ujoint series 1.172" Spline Diameter 26 based on 27 spline count 1.5" seal surface diameter 5.375" long from center line of ujoint to end of yoke This Slip Yoke fits the Following GM Transmissions & Transfer Cases and has been in use si ...  More
$34.99 Turbo 350/700R4/TH350 Transmission Slip Yoke 3R U-joints Camaro, S10
Brand New!!!!!This listing is for a brand new turbo 350 transmission slip yoke that accepts the 3R style u-joint with inside snap rings. These are hi quality slip yokes that will endure years of heavy duty use.Specs: 2.625" U-joint width (3r with inside snap rings) 1.125" u-joint cap diameter 5.469" from center of u-joint to end of slip yoke 1.5" slip diameter 26 based on 27 spline (fits 27 spline units) 1.176" spline diameter Transmission applic ...  More
$49.0 GM Turbo 350, TH350 / 700R4 Transmission Slip Yoke (534G) u- joint inside clips
$65.0 1310 T-350 and 700R4 Transmission Slip Yoke - 2-3-6081X
$43.99 GM Turbo 350 Extra Long Racing Slip Yoke 700R4 7.5" 1310 Style Precision 369
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